Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When Dorothy needed to find the answer to an impossible problem, how do I get home from somewhere that isn’t even on a map, she followed the yellow brick road.  Wouldn’t that make life so much easier?

I have been on a similar quest with this blog and wondering when I’ll find my yellow brick road.

I began writing during a very dark season of my life.  My husband and I had just lost our second pregnancy in two years and were mourning the loss of our Riley.  During that dark time, God began to show me that my struggles are not my own.  Meaning that everything I walk through in my life is a story meant to be shared with others.  My small, everyday steps of courage over the course of my life are meant to be shared so that others will know that they aren’t alone and there is hope.

But I have struggled with what to write next.  I began with the story of my now 14 year old daughter’s birth and diagnosis and a few of the struggles we faced in those early days.  Today she is a vibrant young lady who daily surprises me with what she is learning and overcoming.  God’s healing in her life has been progressive, yet consistent, and she astounds me with all that she has accomplished.  Should I continue her story and focus only on that aspect?  After all, it took great courage to get where we are today!

But since then, I have walked through many other battles and challenges in life that have required courage to overcome.  Shouldn’t I tell those stories, too?  Won’t those stories encourage others?

Perhaps the answer is that we all have stories of everyday courage that have caused us to triumph over a difficult and seemingly impossible situation.  Even as I type these words event after event rolls through my mind and I don’t know where to begin.

And then, I don’t want the focus to be on me, but on the God who brought me through each and every trial.  How do I share my story and make sure that I’m not neglecting the fact that without God none of this would have been possible?

But then I realize that God doesn’t give us a yellow brick road, does he?  Or maybe he does and I’m just not seeing it because there are things in my day-to-day life distracting me and skewing what is right in front of me.

But, like Dorothy, I realize that the first step to finding the answer to a difficult, even impossible, question is to begin.  Start.  Comienzo.  Iniciar. Starten.  Avviare.

But even that takes courage, doesn’t it?

So I am taking my own advice I gave to a friend-like-sister recently, “Just shut up and write  … the article!”

So, like God in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning …” and Paul on his first missionary journey in Acts 13, “The two of them … went down …”, I will begin!

Where do you need to begin?  What big, or small, thing has God given you a directive on that you haven’t begun?  Sometimes, the biggest act of courage is a small step of obedience.  Where’s your starting point?



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