What is Small Courage?

Small Courage: Living Everyday Courageous

Every day of our life presents us an opportunity to take a single, small step of courage. It is the sum of all those small steps of courage that equates to living a courageous life.

Stop for a moment and consider some historical figures that are labeled as having lived a courageous life:  Jesus Christ, Buddha, Galileo Galilee, Helen Keller, Moses, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther, George Washington, Alexander the Great, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart, Mother Theresa, and the list is endless.  No matter which of these historical figures you personally deem as courageous, they all have one commonality: they chose to live courageously.  They did so across the course of their lifetime and there was not a single, solitary event that defined who they were, but rather a series of events, or choices that added up to a courageous life.

My challenge is this:  what choices are you making today, and everyday, that will define you as a courageous person?  Are you waiting for that main event, your thirty minutes of fame? Or are you taking small steps of courage, that when looked back upon, will play out as an epic novel to be read and digested over and over again?

I choose the latter ….


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